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Pazdar Beverage Company LLC
Established 1995

The Pazdar Winery was started in 1995 by the David and Tracy Pazdar to give you innovative and highly creative wines for your palate as well as top quality varietals. The "house" label comes from the original intended name for the winery "Chateau de la Forme Brise'™" A name that was created back when David was still in college. It translates as the House of the Broken Mold. They average 2-3 new wines each year. Wines are fermented in small barrels, the largest being 60 gallons. In addition to using top quality grapes and other fruits from around New York, they use the finest spices from around the world. Many of the spices they grow themselves on their property.

"So how do they create these culinary delights?" you ask. Through out the year, they gather ideas. Some come from you, their customers; others from reading, and others from divine inspiration. After the wines are fermenting and the farmers markets are over for the season; the fun begins. During the winter, while other wine makers maybe resting down in Florida, David takes those ideas and turns them into reality. Using his skills and the taste palate of his crew as others, he develops the new wines. This takes numerous trials, many times over a hundred. A new wine can take anywhere from a few weeks to over 5 years to come to fruition depending on its complexity.

Since its inception, it has been the first in many areas. They produced the first chocolate wine in the world (Eden’s Pleasure™). They were the first to win a 1st Place Scovie (an international gourmet food) award (Hot Sin®). They now have won more "Scovies" than any other winery in the world. Other wines winning awards have included Summer’s Ecstasy™ (a sweet peppermint wine) and some of their fruit ports.

The winery has been featured in numerous publications including the Times Herald Record, Wethersfield Post, "East Coast Wineries A Complete Guide From Maine to Virginia", Chile Pepper Magazine, and several newspapers in Westchester County.

Their wines are available for tasting at several farmers markets, festivals and many wines shops through out the state. A complete listing is found on their website. As we prefer to bring the wines to you in your community, the winery itself is not open to the public.


David Pazdar’s love of the wine started in his late teens and early twenties. Coming from a middle class family, his parents encouraged his siblings and he to get ahead in life. This included learning to enjoy the finer things in life including art and wine. While in college at the University of Connecticut (UConn) he switched majors from computer science to chemistry. Realizing that a wine maker was essentially a wine chemist, he decided that he could combine 2 passions into 1 career (if you call what you love doing a "career"). He fell in love with the industry not just for the wine but also because it (like all farm based industries) is very family oriented.

He was lucky in the fact that one of the top amateur wine makers in the country, Dr. Bobbitt, was a chemistry professor at UConn. He became David’s mentor. . David’s senior research project / thesis was on wine chemistry. In addition to his BS in Chemistry (with an emphasis on wine chemistry) from the University of Connecticut; he also has a MBA. In the years following college, David worked in various industries including wine, food, beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical while starting the winery. All of these gave him knowledge, that on their own would be nothing, but combined with his passion increased his skills exponentially.

Among his other passions is drawing (he has drawn several of the labels) and writing (his descriptions have receive numerous complements from various English professors and others . All of this artistry he brings to his wine making.


Blueberry Banana Splat
Camping By The Sunset
Cerise Chocolat
Chateau de la Forme Brise
Chocolata Amor
Chocolate Mint Dreams
Dancing Princess
Dragon Fire
Dragon’s Fury
Dragon’s Revenge
Eden’s Pleasure
Forbidden Fruit
Forbidden Nights
Ginger Dragon
Groundhog Red
Hot Sin
Miss Isabella
Morango Chocolat
Morela Chocolat
Naughty Virginia
Orange Dreamsickle
Ravishing Sunrise
Secret Lovers
Summer’s Ecstacy
Wild Mary
Winter’s Nirvana
Wuby Wabbit

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