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This a full alphabetized list of our wines.

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Gewurztraminer $15.00



2016 Gewurztraminer - A classic style Gewurztraminer, dry with that wonderful spicy character. 750 ml bottle
Ginger Dragon™ $10.00


Ginger Dragon™

Ginger Dragon™ - This is the little step-sister to Dragon Fire and Dragon’s Revenge. She is a crisp, dry white wine with a little bite from ginger....
Groundhog Red™ $11.00


Groundhog Red™

Groundhog Red™ - a delightfully fruity semi-sweet red. For those of you who are looking for a sweet red, this is your wine.
Hot Sin® $15.00


Hot Sin®

Hot Sin® - a delightfully sweet dessert wine with the taste that, we remember dearly from our childhood, of warm cinnamon. This wine has the...
Miss Isabella™ $11.00


Miss Isabella™

Miss Isabella™ - this wine is a semi-sweet fruity rose’ that seems to go with everything. Wonderful for picnics or grilling. This batch is dangerous,...
Morango Chocolat™ $15.00

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Morango Chocolat™

Morango Chocolat™ - deliciously jammy strawberries with a subtle hint of cocoa; extremely smooth, full bodied.
Morela Chocolat™ $15.00


Morela Chocolat™

Morela Chocolat™ - A sophisticated dark chocolate with the sweet tanginess of ripe apricots. Newest batch has been bottled, we are currently waiting...
Orange Dreamsickle™ $12.00

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Orange Dreamsickle™

New – a lightly sweet dessert wine blended with oranges and vanilla. Reminiscent of the orange cream sickles we enjoyed as children (and still do)...
Ravishing Sunrise™ $15.00


Ravishing Sunrise™

Ravishing Sunrise™ - This is a wine based lemoncello. Lemony, sweet, tart. A wonderful digestivo or dessert wine to enjoy chilled. It has been...


Reserve Red

This year’s reserve red is 99.9% cabernet sauvignon, and ~0.1% estate grown lemberger. It is dry, full bodied, easy drinking.

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