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This a full alphabetized list of our wines.

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Riesling $14.00



2016 Riesling - Semi-dry, light, crisp, fruity, hints of apples, apricots, perfectly balanced, refreshing, great with pork, turkey, or relaxing with...
Secret Lovers™ $12.00

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Secret Lovers™

Pineapples and mangos dancing around their tongues; a little smoke in the air, 2 lovers on a deserted beach, need we say more. Create your own...
Seduce™ Cream Sherry $16.00


Seduce™ Cream Sherry

Sweet, soft, silky, mature, tantalizing, the negligee you can't wait to get into. Made from sherry up to 15 years old. 750 ml bottle
Summer's Ecstasy™ $12.00


Summer's Ecstasy™

Summer's Ecstasy™ - a cool, minty wine, refreshing in the afternoon or with a nice leg of lamb. The new batch has a little "wine crystals" also known...
Vadelma Chocolat™ $15.00


Vadelma Chocolat™

Red raspberries dripping with dark chocolate captured in a bottle....
Wild Mary™ $13.00


Wild Mary™

Wild Mary™ - This is a red wine based bloody mary. Made from red wine, tomatoes, onions, celery, and other natural ingredients. 750 ml
Winter's Nirvana™ $12.00


Winter's Nirvana™

Winter's Nirvana™ - forget dessert and just enjoy a glass of sweet wine laced with local honey and fresh ginger. Possibly serve it with some fresh...
Wuby Wabbit White™ $11.00


Wuby Wabbit White™

Wuby Wabbit™, - this is the brother to Groundhog Red™ and Miss Isabella™. It is a semi-dry crisp white bottled at 4% sugar level. Nicely chilled, it...

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